We at Times Square Gossip were just out for a quick snack on 43rd street and 10th avenue, when we spotted Disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer sitting next to us at the outdoor cafe Good N Plunty. We are really pissed. We never-ever leave the offices without cameras with us. This has only happened once before years ago. We woke up hung over one day and were running for coffee past Julia Roberts house in Gramacy Park when she walked out without make-up and looked Horrible. We went to grab our camera and we realized we didn't bring it. So today, we were planning to run for a snack and them head back to the office, but we see Eliot Spitzer. I new we didn't have time to run back for a camera, so whats a good gossip photographer to do? Well we called our friends at the New York Daily News, of course. We hope they got the shot, we had to leave. Maybe he's not news anymore, but he was laughing with a male friend while sitting at the outdoor tables. He looked very happy in fact. You would never know that he had to resign as Governor of the state of New York because of allegedly hiring hookers and escorts. Eliot my friend, you have had a great life. You now get to sit next to us !
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna


Anonymous said…
Surely one of your photogs knows him and could get a pic!