Television actor Jeremy Piven is denying published reports that he once left a DVD of his show Entourage as a tip in a restaurant, and is insisting the rumor was completely made up.Last year, a New York City gossip columnist reported that the actor had been banned from the exclusive Nobu restaurant in Aspen, Colorado after leaving the first season of Entourage on the table as a tip following a expensive meal. But Piven insists that the incident never happened. He says, "That’s a good one. I don’t even have a DVD of Entourage. The idea I would bring it with me and use it as a tip - these are creative people and they put some time and some energy into this. I think these are wasted talents." Piven has also denied claims that he often demands extra goodie bags at celebrity events - admitting that when he does go home with free products, he gives it straight to his family. He adds, "I have two nieces, Lily Rose and Pearl, who are insanely talented angels. I might want to grab something for them, but I don’t know if I would want a blinged-out pink phone."


Anonymous said…
We know for SURE J Piv. would never do such a thing.

People need to stop drinking the hateraid and learn to love The Smirk...like us.