Friday, October 17, 2008


It was reported yesterday that SPICE GIRLS-honcho SIMON FULLER is in talks to bring back the 60's TV-show THE MONKEES ... but, with a modern twist.Reports also surfaced that the casting call for the group has already gone out in LA. The original NBC show aired for 5 years in 1965, with some terrific songs such as "Last Train To Clarksville:" and "Daydream Believer," and, introduced to the world the group, consisting of MICKY DOLENZ; DAVY JONES; PETER TORK, and MIKE NESMITH.The show was actually first revived in the early-90s ... but failed to stir viewers. An inside source says the target audience for the new show will be for the Gossip Girl-generation.Fuller tried five years ago on The New Monkess, but the idea was scrapped after no broadcaster showed any interest. The new show is pegged to launch first in the U.S., then Britain.Representatives for the group could not be reached, but, Dolenz's pr-man DAVID SALIDOR said to TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP, "It was a winning formula back then, and if it's done correctly, I can't see why it couldn't happen again. However, it was perfect casting... and, it was perfect music by the likes of Neil Diamond, Carole King, Harry Nilsson, and, Paul Williams. It's a Herculean job ... but, I've learned never to say never."But the group did not mark their 40th anniversary in 2006 and a comeback with all members on stage seems unlikely.

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