Maureen McCormick

In next weeks Steppin' Out magazine, Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady) tells Chaunce Hayden that there will likely be a film version of her steamy new tell-all book. McCormick also tells Hayden that she'd like Christine Taylor (who played her in the Brady movie) to star as the lead. However, she has no plans on playing herself...

Chaunce Hayden: Will your shocking autobiography ever be turned into a movie?

Maureen McCormick: Actually, it's funny you ask that. I was recently approached about turning the book into a movie. I'm getting a lot of calls. Christine Taylor would be great for the lead. But I wouldn't do it unless the right people are involved. However, to answer you're question, I think it's a very good chance it will be made into a movie. Absolutly! Would you be willing to play yourself? No! I wouldn't want to be in the film.