Sunday, October 12, 2008


How did socialite-activist BRYCE GRUBER, who runs the phenomenally product-preview site, the luxury spot, become such an influential individual in trend-setting and recognizing the next big thing?Hard work … and, paying attention. Now, the 24-year old wunderkind is in talks for a TV-show that will not only portray her business acumen, but also how a real-live successful business operates. “I always had the facility to see one or two steps ahead … it was never something I forced upon anyone, but I began to see what I liked a year ago, come into the public about one year later. I knew I was onto something marketable.”She currently owns and operates IntenCity Global, a firm which specializes in delivering marketing, public relations, and branding services to clients within the beauty and fashion industries. She's also earned her gossip stripes with relationships with Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Brody Jenner. However, now's she's six months with child from her current relationship. Since the age of twenty Bryce has worked on building her business from the ground up, and due to her success she has recently made plans for expansion to perspective locations in Europe and South America.Within the four years since opening her firm, Bryce has been hailed as an ‘online marketing guru’ by The Wall Street Journal. She has also made appearances on various syndie-talk shows including CNBC, Fox News, Technorati, and NYC TV. Watch out for this one!

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ZaggedEdge said...

I saw Bryce on YouTube, pretty cool that she's only 24. She was talking about how she uses Facebook to invite people to launch parties for companies she represents. I'm sure there's a lot more to the business then that.