Rolling Stone icon Mick Jagger's ex-wife Bianca has been evicted from her New York City apartment after court officials ruled she could not list the pad as her primary residence while living in the city on a tourist visa. The state Court of Appeals upheld a ruling on former supermodel Bianca Jagger's eviction from her $4,600-a-month Park Avenue apartment on Thursday. Jagger, who also has a home in London, is in New York on a B2 visa, requiring a "principal, actual dwelling place" outside the United States. Court officials state: "Under the Rent Stabilization Code, a landlord may recover possession of a rent stabilized apartment from a tenant whose lease has expired if the apartment is not occupied by the tenant, as his or her primary residence."But Jagger insists she's only being evicted because she sued her landlord after complaining of water leaks and mold. She reportedly continued to pay her rent into an escrow account despite deeming the apartment unlivable during the three years prior to her eviction. A judge will decide whether she or landlord Katz Park Avenue is entitled to the money.Jagger tells the New York Post: "I was a good tenant. I was paying my rent. What I expected in return was a habitable apartment, not one that would endanger my health." What people need to think about when they look at my case is, 'Are tenants being protected by the law, or are landlords allowed to use the courts to get rid of tenants who have reasons to be concerned?'"