Nikki Blonsky

Actress Nikki Blonsky has found the media attention following her arrest at a Caribbean airport last month very difficult to deal with. The Hairspray star is speaking for the first time since she was arrested alongside her dad at the Turks and Caicos airport on suspicion of assault. She was accused of fighting with the family of "America's Top Model" contestant Bianca Golden, after attempting to reserve seats in the departure lounge. Blonsky admits it was difficult to see her family under scrutiny in the press following her arrest. She tells OK! magazine, "You want to protect them the best way you know how." However, Blonsky has received support from her friends, including fellow "Hairspray" co-star Zac Efron. She adds, "They have all been extremely supportive. I love (Zac) with every inch of my body and soul. He has been an amazing support system."