Television actor Alec Baldwin raged at newswoman Diane Sawyer during a interview last night. When she quizzed him about an infamous answering machine message he left his daughter Ireland in 2007, the actor admitted he was stunned when the message he left for his 11 year old was made public. Speaking on news show 20/20, Baldwin told Sawyer, "It (message) was left with the presumption of privacy." And when the interviewer suggested the angry message, in which Baldwin called his daughter "a thoughtless little pig," was uncalled for, the movie star became angry. He asked, "Why do you so reflexively dismiss that notion? I mean you carelessly dismiss that notion." Sawyer tried to protest, asking Baldwin how he felt as a father after the message was made public. He responded curtly, "There are a myriad of both men and women who say things that are unfortunate and are mistakes to their children." The emotional interview led to tears as Baldwin recalled feeling so low after the controversy of the leaked answer machine message he contemplated suicide.Wiping tears away, he told Sawyer, "I completely lost interest in my own life, truly, as a result of all this."I used to pray to God every night, I would get in bed and I would say, ‘Please don’t let me wake up in the morning.’ I thought, ‘I just can’t do it any more.’" In a new book, titled A Promise To Ourselves, Baldwin details just how far he went in planning his own death, searching out state parks and out-of-the-way towns where he could take his own life quietly.
Editors Note: Like any of us really believe this !


Anonymous said…
He is certifiably psychotic. It's almost humorous that he doesn't see his own behavior as immature, violent and anti-social. I'd like to see a psychiatrist's diagnosis of what is wrong with him. Poor Kim and Ireland. This man is psycho! He says throwing a cell phone and breaking it on the driveway is "male behavior", not "abusive behavior". I hate to see his role models.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Baldwin by all accounts is a law abiding citizen. While he may have said and done some stupid things, his shortcomings should hardly warrent having his daughter kept from him. Although I'm sure you've never made a mistake,is sad really that a man who breaks is cell phone is put on the same level as a man that breaks his spouses nose. Then again, to some people all men are abusers. Daughters love their dads. They shouldn't be kept apart for years because some disinterested third party, like judges, attorneys and gossip hags sling names around like "psycho" around. Did it ever occur to you that Ireland Balwin may go online and read this judgemental hate mongering? Take a sip of your own poison.
Anonymous said…
Apparently the poster above has never experienced parental alienation. PAS is the most frustrating and anger driven situation that anyone would ever go through!
To be in litigation for years is the first criterion for parental alienation.
NO FATHER should have to be in the court system for 8 years plus to be able to stabilize visitation.
I completely understand his voice mail to his daughter that released to the public. He was so frustrated, not with her, but with the alienation that his ex wife is doing.
You, my friend , do not.
Kim, his ex wife has driven Alec into complete frustration oblivion, and her lawyers are helping her do it. I find it interesting that they only show the voice mail, and nothing leading up to to it. You have not seen or heard what bizarre attempts and accusations that the mother has told this child. Ireland could have been told she would be kidnapped, murdered, or even molested if she visited her father. You are a fool, to take this voice message a fact. To be the targeted parent in a parental alienation syndrome, have NO idea how incredibly
and frustrating this whole process is unless you have experienced it!
Alec Baldwin loves his daughter, completely, with all of his being. To the alienating parent, it is not love, but it is abuse, and and somehow Alec is not worthy of the childs love. They cry abuse to the lawyers,therapists and others. The child is in danger! OMG help them! These mothers know exactly what they are doing.....they are cold hearted, anti social, and have no conscious. Narcissistic, lack of insight,and anger like you wouldn't believe. They inflict and impose their feelings, (unresolved conflict about the divorce) on the children. They want the child to mirror or feel what they feel and think. They make it clear that it is unacceptable to mention the fathers name, or even express affection towards the father. That cannot happen at their house. This would result in serious discipline, or result in non acceptance. They inflict this, at any cost to the child, despite the fact that the child may be bonded, love, and adore the parent. These alienating parents will do ANYTHING to use the child as a pawn, disregard and dismiss their feellngs towards the target parentat all times. In fact, the alienating parent cannot stand it to hear that the child had "fun" and would like to visit again" These are the worst, most painful words for the alienating parent to hear. From a vist, they are supposed to say they eere molested, had a horrible abusive time, o rthey were neglected during the visit. They become inflamed if the child said they had a great time !!!! OMG! , and this will certainly come to an end with accusations of abuse (molestation), or physical abuse, and or they will call the police. If the child said they had a great time, the police will definitely be called for abuse, or molestation.
Come on people.........get clue here..........................
. This is WRONG! To Attorneys, WRONG WRONG WRONG! Makes me sick. These attorney are fathers. These judges are fathers.
How dare they DENY a BIRTHDAY, CHRISTMAS, or graduation from high school??????????
These parents are smiling that they have destroyed a father son relationship for a life time.
They are sick, non rehab folks. Boderline personalities have little to no recovery rate.
Bur we need to protect their pawns, the real victims, the children. Think twice before you post here, and read much much more about PAS. It is alive and well, and will continue to thrive if no does anything.
I will pray for Ireland, and I applaud Alec for bringing this to the light.
I am an aunt. I have seen the pain in my brother. It has been 15 years since he has seen his son.
This is wrong wrong wrong!!!!!!
PAS is alive and well, and will continue to destroy the childhoods and deny the love of many family members because of their self centered twisted view of themselves to be the "Perfect" parent, and be determned to make the child PICK between one parent over another in the case of divorce. GRANDMOTHERS, AUNTS< UNCLES< please do not let this happen!!!!! A child derserves all the love, from all family, black white red and blue. Love is not abuse. Children need both parents, at all functions, without conflict and stress. We all need to be better people.
PAS alienators will say it is. PLEASE change this.
I love my nephew Daniel Richard Weatherly so much. He is a victim of PAS. Was diagnosed and the court took custody of Daniel. The court took Custody away from his mother Annette Martin. Her grandmother and Annette continued to create false charges to try to keep the non relationship between Daniel and son going. They used the court system, and still continued to prevail. Daniel is loved by his father and his fathers family. Annette Martin would love to say it is perverted but it really is not. She denied her son a completely healthy family to love her son because she was bitter. More importantly, Annette made it a mission, to destroy Daneil and Ricks relationship. What a goal? We are talking healthy mom here right???????? He is adored and loved by his fathers family. Our love will always be there for you. Although your mother may have taken away visits, and visitation, she can never take away our love for you Daniel! NEVER ever forget that.
Anonymous said…
I think he claims parental alienation is what happened here. Dr Ira Turkat claims parental alienation is abuse and it doesn’t matter which parent does it to the other but we don’t know what really went on in this family except for that tape that was leaked to the press
desertclair said…
I was the child of a divorce where my mother hated my father and her perceptions were pushed on me. Children want and "need" to have permission to love their parents. Especially boys need permission to love their fathers. The reason: children are a combination of both parents. To make one of their parents a monster is to make part of themselves a "suspect monster." That is more abusive than anything someone might say in anger.

I appreciate Alec Baldwin's courage in sharing his story. I believe it will help many to understand that hatred. unforgiveness and estrangement is never good for children of divorce ... no matter how upset a parent may be at the other.