Boot Lover Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan With Her Pet Dog Following

Licking ALLEGED LESBIANS Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson go shopping at Satine Clothing Boutique yesterday in West Hollywood, California. Lindsay and Samantha tried on boots together and were all smiles as they paraded around the store flirting with each other. At one point, Samantha grabbed Lindsay by the head with both arms and smiled. Samantha appears to be going through a transformation where she is slowly appearing more and more like a guy. The happy couple wore matching white tops but wore contrasting pants. Lindsay showed off her golden hair as she let it down and Samantha had her short hair parted to the side. What we would like to know is why Samantha is always walking behind Lindsay like a pet dog. Why can't the two lickers just be happy and walk together?
Photos By: COP/BuzzFoto