Members of an Islamic political party who tried to ban pop singing star Avril Lavigne's coming concert in Malaysia are vowing to protest at her show this Friday, after the singer got the go-ahead to have her concert. Lavigne was given the green light after her gig had been cancelled following protests from Malaysia’s opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), calling the pop star "too sexy" to perform in the mostly Muslim country. The show was reportedly rejected by the Malaysian government, but was later approved after officials deemed Lavigne was "not a bad influence, especially on the young people of the country." But PAS leader Nasrudin Hassan insists the group will continue to oppose the pop icon's performance.He says, "A concert of this nature is not conducive to teach the younger generation to become good citizens, upright and competitive, but instead would weaken them morally and mentally. "If the concert organizers do not heed this warning to cancel the concert, PAS youth will order all Muslim youth to turn up and protest the concert in order to prevent it from taking place." Avril is going to take the stage in the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur, kicking off a month-long tour of Asia.

Photo By: Roshan Perera/BuzzFoto