Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jennifer Aniston Never Poses

Recently the production team of "Marley and Me" invaded the suburbs of Philadelphia. The well publicized photos of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson waving as they film a snow scene in West Chester, PA paints the image of a friendly and more humble Aniston than the one that actually exists. The local paper, which was given exclusive access, wrote only kind words when reporting on the chaos that took over Gay Street. The truth about that night is far more shocking then what many would like to believe. The story begins at 6:00 am when fans from the local area began to arrive in hopes of catching at glimpse of the star latter that night when Jennifer was slated to arrive. As the day went on more and more fans came to the town and by night there were a few hundred. Many of these fans gathered around Jennifer's trailer. These fans were soon pushed back to the edges of the side walk and the street and area around the trailer was roped off with caution tape and a gang of police. Jennifer arrived around 9:00. Her security and police hovered around her car as Jennifer rushed with her head down into her trailer ignoring her fans. West Chester being a small college town outside of Philly, was excited to host Jennifer Aniston. However Hollywood has gotten to her head and Aniston obviously believes that she is too important to be bothered with fans or photographers. My story continues….
The next day I set out to photograph Aniston on the set of her film which has moved to a private property in Birmingham Township. I am from the suburbs of Philly and Birmingham Township is like my back yard. I located the set and the first thing I do is introduce myself to the chief of police of Birmingham township as a photographer. I wanted to make sure he knew that I was a respectable law abiding photographer who was not like any of the crazy paparazzi he may have read about. He introduced me to representative from the production team who immediately said that I was unwelcome. Under the law I am protected under the first amendment so I he could not stop me from taking pictures on the public road that viewed the property. However I keep my camera in its bag out of respect. After a while Jennifer's car pulled up and she was dropped off on set. A few moments later one of her body guards came over and began talking down to me in a disrespectful manner. He started telling me that I was unwanted and that if I stepped a foot on private property he would have me arrested. I immediately shot back telling him that I was well mannered photographer and that I was willing to work with him if he worked with me. He then calmed down and said that Jennifer was not feeling well and that if I did not take photos that day I could come back tomorrow and they would be more accommodating. Again trying to prove that I was not a "dirty" "scumbag" "paparazzi" I agreed to come back the next day. I waited a few moments before leaving so I could witness the scene they were shooting. Jennifer and Owen were rolling around in the grass only a few hundred feet from me. Picture perfect, but I upheld my word.The next day I returned early in the morning to be told that could not take picture on the road because they were closing it. I was told to come back later that afternoon. I came back in the afternoon and I was told the road would be closed until that evening when I could get my shots. I came back that evening and was told the road would remain closed. I asked an officer why it was closed and he said "because". I then asked the officer where could press stand, he pointed to the bottom of a hill far away from the filming. I said that was the same as not allowing press altogether and he responded by shouting at me to shut up. I asked to speak with his integrity officer and he told me to call the township police department. I asked for his name and he refused to give it to me. The cop was tall and white and had a short blond hair cut.
I returned for a final time the next day. The road was open again and I was able to stand near the set. Again as Jennifer's car pulled up she was escorted on set and another one of her body guards came over to talk to me. He was much nicer in his tone and asked that I respect Jennifer and not take any photos until he gave me the go ahead. Again trying to be polite I said that I would work with him but he needed to work with me. He acknowledged that and said that he was happy that I was being so cooperative. As the day went on he came over a few times to tell me that he had not forgotten about me and to hold tight my time would come soon. Neighbors who came and went were friendly to me and sympathetic telling me how Jennifer never stopped to say hello or even wave. They said they thought I deserved to get a few shots. One mother asked me to watch her daughter for a few minutes as she needed to run home and pick up her other child. I happily obliged. Around 6:00 pm the bodyguard returned telling me that I would be getting no photos. I appealed to him saying that I had been respectful that I missed great shots already. He responded by asking me to leave. I said that I would continue to act with politeness but that I would try to get photos in every possible way with out breaking any laws. He walked away and said nothing. A few hours later, still no pictures (as Jennifer was filming inside a house), a few neighbors with their children began to gather hoping to get a glimpse of Aniston. Both her body guards came over and again told me that they wanted me to leave. They called me disgusting. I told them to leave me alone that I was respectful yet was treated with no respect. They then went on to speak with the crowd. They told the crowd that Jennifer wanted to come say hello but that she wouldn't as long as I had a camera. I offered for them to hold my camera but that wasn't good enough. They then said they wanted me to leave. At this point the crowd that had been sympathetic and friendly all day turned on me and began threatening me. I asked the police to tell the bodyguards and the fans to leave me alone and they refused to do anything, saying that they were doing nothing wrong. I spent another hour trying to ignore threats from the neighbors and mean comments from the bodyguards before I finally decided to give up. It was 9:30 when I decided to leave. It was dark outside and my car was parked a distance away. After hearing threats for the last hour I did not feel comfortable walking alone so I asked a police officer to escort me to my car. He needed to check with the chief and so he asked the chief if someone could escort me. The chief refused to allow any of the officers standing idle to walk me safely to my car. He said that in a sarcastic tone that if I ran into any trouble I could call 911. I asked him if he was working for the law or the movie set and he said that the department was being paid by the production team. I have never been so shocked in my life.
I have learned a valuable lesson from the four days I spent working on Jennifer Aniston and her upcoming movie. I learned that Jennifer is rude, ungrateful, and "always in a bad mood" (said by one of the workers on the production team). I learned that her bodyguards are manipulative and disrespectful. I learned that the local police are corrupt and can be bought off. It is a sad but honest truth. I learned that I will never photograph Jennifer Aniston again. She is not worth the trouble.No wonder Brad Pitt dumped her ass for Angelina Jolie!
Editors Note: Jennifer Aniston has always been a bitch. She never poses. I have run into her several times around New York City. She is rude, her people are rude and we should boycott anything she does. She almost never signs for fans, unless the media is watching. If the celebrity snappers stopped photographing her and the media said, "No more from the bitch', she would not be paid the big money she gets because any project she did would not get media attention and the studios will not want her because their movies are all about publicity. The celebrity photographers and the fans make the star, not their talent. There are millions of talented people out there that deserve to be stars and it's the media that makes them. So f**k you Jennifer Aniston, you are one ugly bitch and should be forgotten !