Anne Hathaway

Hollywood star Anne Hathaway received a horrible injury while filming her new movie Get Smart. She ended up cutting her shins to the bone.The actress was performing a stunt on the spy-themed action film, when she hit her legs on a metal bar, and the wounds were so deep her shin bones were exposed. But Hathaway refused to let the injury slow her down and insisted on finishing the scene, but she was overruled by movie bosses who forced her to cut filming short and seek medical attention right away. She says, "We were doing a scene where I had to kick a Russian spy in the chest. And as I lifted my knees up to my chest to kick, I hit a bar that shouldn’t have been there."My shin split open and I had to have 15 stitches, I tried not to wimp out but I could see my shinbones. So I turned to the director and said, ‘If I could have Extra Strength Tylenol (pain killer), I could probably do the shot.’ "And the script supervisor, my dresser and my make-up artist all said to me, ‘You get a plastic surgeon to sew up your legs. And you finish work right now.’ I was trying to continue but in that one I was overruled."