Hollywood icon Zsa Zsa Gabors fake prince husband Frederic Von Anhalt is being forced to pay $4,510 in compensation for an attack on a celebrity photographer. In his complaint, Dirk Smeten claimed the 62-year-old angrily approached him in Beverly Hills, California in May 2005. Smeten was left him with a cut lip and face, swelling, pain, high blood pressure, headaches and stress symptoms after attempting to photograph nutty Von Anhalt. According to the complaint filed in Los Angeles California Superior Court, "Plaintiff thought he was going to be killed by defendant," Von Anhalt says he attempted to settle the case by offering Smeten $20,000. But Smeten was seeking $137,000 in damages. On Friday, the judge awarded Smeten $4,510.Von Anhalt says, "I knew I had to pay something. His lip was bleeding. The bleeding lip was probably when I pushed the camera in his face."