Elton John At Radio City Music Hall

Rocket Man Elton John's fundraising event for Hillary Clinton has been questioned by an American government watchdog, because the singer is not a U.S. citizen.A New York concert the rocker staged last week raised $2.5 million for the Democrat senator’s presidential campaign. He also used the famous Radio City Music Hall stage to show his support..But Judicial Watch claims the fundraiser broke a law prohibiting the raising of funds for election campaigns by foreign nations, because John is British. A statement from the group reads, "Sir Elton John is not a citizen of the United States and is therefore prohibited from making any contribution to Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign." However, Clinton has hit back, explaining a loophole allowed the star to offer his support.Her spokesperson tells the New York Times, "Hillary’s campaign has complied with the law. Since 1987, foreign nationals may volunteer their time for campaigns on an uncompensated basis. Elton John is simply volunteering his uncompensated time to appear at the concert. This appearance is consistent with past rulings".