The Steppin Out Cover They Won't Let You See

This weeks issue of New Jersey based Steppin Out magazine was forced to pull it's cover off it's website and apologize for the offensive image of a Catholic nun being sexually assaulted. The controversial cover was meant as a spoof on the Opie and Anthony radio show scandal from several years ago when a couple was arrested for having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral. The issue features former Opie and Anthony producer Rick Delgado, who tells editor Chaunce Hayden about his days working with the shock jocks. Meanwhile, here is the original interview below.


In the new issue of Steppin Out magazine, former Opie and Anthony producer Rick Delgado, sits down with Chaunce Hayden and for the first time talks publicly about O&A and how much the two allegedly really hate each other (and how he really feels about Opie). Delgado also opens up about getting fired for the St. Patrick Cathedral sex scandal, getting fired from Hot 97 for his insensitive Tsumani song, Don Imus, Rev. Al and so much more!
Guilty as charged. But I don't think I ever crossed the line. It was my job. . In regards to the Opie and Anthony sex scandal, that was our third year doing that stupid stunt. It turned into a yearly event. The listeners got involved, everybody had fun with it and management signed off on it. It was no secret to anybody. It wasn't even a stunt. It was just entertainment. It was to get people to listen. That's what we're in radio for, to get people to listen. . I apologize for nothing and I never will. I didn't do anything wrong. I did what they told me to this corporate bullshit world, somebody has to take a fall if you get bad publicity. Meanwhile, with radio, that's the only kind of publicity you get. You won't get publicity for curing cancer or picking up a homeless guy and putting him in a home. You'll only get the media's attention if you f**k up.
You offended people all over the world with your St. Patrick Cathedral sex capade. Doesn't that go beyond just doing your job when so many are outraged by something you created?
That's bullshit. Are people really offended by it? How can a few people decide for everyone else what is offensive? I find that f**king offensive! I don't want people representing how I should feel. Just like Rev. Al Sharpton. Here's an unelected guy who gets offended by everything. So I can't say the “N” word because of my skin color. To me that's offensive and racist. Think about it? Here's a black guy who says you can't use certain words to describe black people if you're not black. You'll never win that argument.I know that, but somebody has to say it. Nobody ever says to Rev. Al Sharpton, “Hey f**ker, you can't say s**t about white people. How about that?” But nobody will say that to him. He gets a free pass. Brian Florence, who along with his wife was busted inside St. Patrick's Cathedral for having sex, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Some say the stress of the publicity is what killed him. How does that make you feel?He was due to go to court right before he died. It was almost like God saying, “You know what, I'll take care of this one.” And he took care of it. However, All the radio people I talk to about the St. Patrick's incident and the Tsunami song have patted me on the back. They all say, “Dude, you got f**ked.” They all work in the industry and they admire I did something they couldn't do themselves for fear of losing their jobs.
You're former radio pals, “Opie and Anthony” are making millions today on both XM and terrestrial radio. Why are they working and you're not?
That's the shitty part. Everybody gets paid except for me. The guys whose names are on the shingle are protected because they're bringing in the ad dollars. But to be honest, O&A aren't bringing in any ad dollars these days. The only guys in radio who bring in big ad dollars are Howard Stern and Imus. Nobody else comes close.You helped make them millionaires and in return you got fired.Right. I thought they would have my back. I learned early on that one of those two people had my back and one of them didn't.
Who didn't have your back?
(Long pause) Who do you think? Opie. You would think those guys are friends but they're not.
What do you mean?
Let's just say I got in between them more than a couple of times. I'm talking about fists being thrown. All this is off the air.
What do they fight about?
Just catty bullshit. It was usually about someones girlfriend coming in or it was over someone playing a video game instead of prepping for the show. Opie just kept f**king with the show when it was working fine. Now there are all these new people on the show that aren't needed. It worked fine when it was just the Opie and Anthony Show.
What do you think of Opie?
Look, Opie is a douche and no one likes him. But nobody will tell that to his face because he is in a position of power over them, except for Ant. He hates anyone with talent and despises listeners. I just hope he gets anally raped and shits water for a that so much to ask?
What do you think of their sidekick, Jim Norton?
I think he's awesome and talented. I also think he hurts the show.
How so?
Jim's a comic. That's what he does. He's incredible at it. But Anthony is a comedic genius in terms of his brain and how he incorporates his impressions into the show.Unfortunately, Anthony's comedic genius gets pushed aside because Jim is funny as well. But for the Opie and Anthony Show to work it has to be just Opie and Anthony.
What does Opie bring to the show?
(Very long pause) Can I get back to you next week on that?
You're obviously upset with Opie. Have you ever spoken to him about how you feel?
Why bother? He comes from the Bill Clinton camp of lie, lie, and lie. However, Anthony and I have talked. But to be honest I'm glad I'm not producing the show anymore. I ran my course. The show helped destroy my marriage. It puts so much strain on you. I was prepping for the show 6 hours a day and taking lots of pictures of naked girls. Many of those girls you wouldn't want to see naked. That's just what we did.
Is there any way to fix your career?
That's a good question. I don't think it needs fixing. I think radio needs fixing.
If you could do one final shocking thing on radio, what would it be?
I can't tell you. I really can't. I have it in my mind and I've been sitting on it since the O&A Show. I was going to share it with the show at some point. But then everything went bad. So I've kept it to myself. Only my ex-wife knows what it is besides me. And she promises to keep it a secret until I do it. All I can tell you is that it's incredible and that it breaks no FCC rules or violations. Nobody can be fined for it. It's genius!
How does that tsunami song go again?I think it goes, “God's laughing at you, die you bitches die.”Wasn't the word “chink” used once or twice?
It wasn't me who said that?
But you wrote it. What were you thinking?
I wrote the song a few weeks after the incident. It was the biggest news story in the world and management at Hot 97 was on my ass to get ratings. That's when we created the “Smack-fest” where girls come in and smack each other in the face. It was awesome! But apparently not as awesome as mocking thousands of dead people just a few weeks after the tragedy.I just knew there was a joke in there somewhere. All you had to do was read the news to get the jokes. The joke was all these idiots from Hollywood, like Sharon Stone, Michael Jackson and Sharon Osbourne who planed on re-releasing “We Are The World” type of bullshit song. So I thought, let's beat this mother f**ker to the punch. Let's take “We Are The World” and change the words just as a goof. I remember the video of the mom floating dead on her back while her kid is crying and I thought….Comedy gold? Yes! Don't be fooled, the television networks were just as bad for showing the footage of kids crying while their parents are bloated and dead on the beach to spike their ratings. And let's face it, it turned out to be the best career move for that dumb super model that lost her boyfriend. So we got everyone on the [Miss Jones] show except Miss Jones who was on maternity leave to sing.
Didn't another staffer from the show, our entertainment reporter, Miss Info, who also happens to be Asian, refuse to sing?
She refused to sing, not because she was offended by the words, which she likes to play up. She refused to sing because she didn't like her singing voice. Another staffer from the show who got fired was Todd Lynn. He even said you stepped over the line. Todd is a f**king racist! I'm just kidding. Like I said earlier, my job is to step over the line. The dump button and management is there to make sure we don't go to far. But as soon as the advertisers complain someone has to be fired. At that point, management in radio folds like a f**king cheap suit.
A woman in Sacramento, California died after winning a water drinking contest for an Arizona radio station. Even you would have to agree that went too far.That's just bad luck in terms of contestants. Is the show responsible for that woman's death? No! Personally they might feel some guilt. But somebody had to sign off on that idea. It was just a stupid chick who drank too much water. Nobody forced her to do it. She wanted to win a stupid video game. She was an idiot. I've even had deaf people call me up and complain for mocking them on the air. (Yells) Deaf people! Think about it. They can't even hear what I'm saying.
Was Don Imus wrong for calling the Rutgers's women's basketball team “Nappy Headed Ho's"?He's known for saying stupid shit like that. His big problem was that he apologized. He should have said, “F**k you” to Rev Al and everyone else who had a problem with it. I still don't know why he went on Rev. Al's radio show and apologized. Nobody even listens to Rev Al's radio show. In fact, until that day I don't think anyone even knew Rev. Al had a f**king radio show! Give me a break. Rev. Al stinks. He's a douche.There are those you might call you a racist because of who you've poked fun at. If you make fun of someones ethnicity are you a racist?No. You're a racist if you try to stop somebody from doing something or discriminate against them because of the color of their skin or their culture. There's nothing racist about a stupid parody song that pokes fun at people. I did more good by coming up with a song that made people laugh then Sharon Stone did. Who wants to hear her sing about anything? Close your f**king legs you old bag! She got credit for giving up her time, which cost her nothing.