Broadway and Television star Rosie O'Donnell wants to take Britney Spears' place as the celebrity face of "mental illness," to relieve the pressure on the toxic troubled star. The former View talk show host believes both she and Spears may suffer from bipolar disorder, but insists she is better equipped to deal with the illness and the paparazzi and the media frenzy. Speaking on "Good Morning America," O'Donnell says, "I have been on anti-depressants since Columbine (1999 high school shooting). "I sort of feel Britney has become the poster child (for mental illness). The kid is very young. She never had a childhood. She never rode a Big Wheel. "Rather than put her face on mental illness, or Brooke Shields, who had postpartum depression, use me."
Editors Note: Rosie baby... All the paparazzi know that you would kick our ass ! We are safer with Britney.....When we doing lunch Rosie?