Hollywood star Christina Ricci doesn't go out partying because she doesn't want to be caught on camera falling out of nightclubs. The actress, who admits she went through a very wild period when she was much younger, is very worried about being caught out and about by the crazed paparazzi to let her hair down. Ricci, 28, said: "Now if you go to a restaurant in Hollywood or go to a party you're going to end up being photographed. So why you'd get drunk and fall over in front of photographers I really don't know."The actress also claims she has never been offered drugs while out partying in Hollywood. She added: "People used to warn me, saying, 'Be careful. You're an actress so there's temptation all around.' Well no one has ever offered me drugs."They specifically don't invite me into the rooms where the drugs are. I had my own period of experimentation, I was pretty wild for a while, but drugs were never my thing. I liked drinking but I couldn't handle it, so I stopped."


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