Sexy all around star Mario Lopez is heading to Broadway. Finishing his hosting duties on "Randy Jackson's So You Think You Can Dance?" show for MTV, Lopez has been in hard training for his Broadway debut in A Chorus Line, in New York City. Lopez is well known for his role as high school jock A. C. Slater on the hit NBC comedy series, "Saved by the Bell," with co-star Elizabeth Berkley, and he appeared on ABC's hit talent series "Dancing with the Stars." Lopez joins "A Chorus Line" as Zach tomorrow and will stay with the show until September 7. Lopez spoke with the press today in an open rehearsal with the shows cast. Despite being a natural athlete and always in shape, Lopez admitted that the rehearsals were grueling. “It's been a crash course because most people get five or six weeks [to practice], but I've done it in two weeks!”As for tomorrow’s opening night performance, Lopez declared, “I'm not having any friends or family come and they're all very mad about that! But there will be a lot of people...Hopefully a full house!”Lopez is even hoping for some divine intervention exclaiming, “The Pope is coming into town…I'm hoping if I get a blessing from the Pope, I'll be good all season!”