Jodie Foster

Hollywood star Jodie Foster confronted her lifelong fear of snakes on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno yesterday. Foster was promoting her new adventure movie Nim’s Island on the show, in which she plays a woman suffering from several phobias. After discovering Foster’s real fear, presenter Leno gave her the opportunity to confront it in front of an audience of millions, by producing a corn snake for her to stroke. She explained, "I am afraid of snakes. When I was a kid, my brothers and sisters would hold me down by my arms and tell me, ‘There are snakes in your bed’." After petting the non-venomous snake for a few seconds, the uncomfortable star handed it back to Leno, explaining her fear: "It’s a nice color. But it’s the tongue thing, and the clamminess."


Anonymous said…
LOL That is one fear I will NOT confront!!!

Nice story, James.