Former television host Joan Rivers is hitting out at celebrities who complain about their fame and is insisting they chose to be famous.The actress is amazed performers live in Hollywood and moan about being followed by the paparazzi, because they can live anywhere they want. She says, "I’m so sick of people who say, ‘The paparazzi, I get no privacy.’ Go buy an island. Or shut the doors on your $25 million mansion and have a great time."
Editors Note: I was one of the photographers on The Joan Rivers Show many years ago at CBS studios. Joan always knew how to handle the paparazzi, and years ago they all wanted her. So, I must agree with Joan. You are famous, you got money, you can escape, unlike this photographer who is stuck in Times Square fighting tourist's with 20 foot umbrellas !


Anonymous said…
Like this Hippie Girl that lives in PA that has to fight off the inbreds.
Anonymous said…
Joan is second to Carol Burnett... Both could leave me in stitches. You were lucky to have worked with her, James.

Even today, there are those celebs who know how to work with the paps. Others flirt and tease and then complain.
James Edstrom said…
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James Edstrom said…
To comment number 1----Poor hippie girl..WE LOVE MONA...Cheer up Mona !

To comment number two--- Not so lucky. Very long story. But Joan only cared about Joan. I don't think after all those years she even knew my name.I even walked off the set once because I had her on page 3 on the Daily News and she didn't even say good morning the next day. At 9AM, I need a good Joan is about Joan. SAD... When I'm on the set with Jerry Springer or our newest television star Steve Wilkos, they say hello at least and joke with me and are real. Joan really disappointed me. I had her every week in every magazine and not even a hello. And that was every single time. Joan will read this and say who ? SAD ! To go throught your life and not even know or care who the people are around you. I know it's very mean, but why wonder Edgar killed himself. Think about the people around you Joan.