Movie icon Shirley Temple has been forced to cancel her 80th birthday celebrations planned for today, after breaking her arm.The veteran actress, who found fame starring in 1934 movie Bright Eyes when she was just six years old, was walking around her Woodside, California home in the dark when she fell and landed on her arm. Her injury is limiting her from accepting visits from friends and family, so her birthday will be very small. She reveals "I broke my arm last week at my house. It hurts quite a bit." "I’m spending my birthday quietly at home." Joking about her mishap, she adds: "People should turn on the lights when they are walking around in the dark." But her landmark age will not go completely unnoticed - Fox Home Entertainment, the video division of film studio 20th Century Fox, will release the sixth and final volume of a series of her movies to commemorate Temple’s birthday.


Anonymous said…
speedy recovery shirley.
Anonymous said…
I have purchased some of the old retouched movies and shared with my adult children the wonderful Shirley Temple of yesterday.

I have also shared the other adventures Shirley's life has led her to: US Ambassador for many years.
Anonymous said…
I loved watching your movies, you were such a brave little girl. I always wondered what happend to you, because I never heard or saw anymore movies with you. I am from Antigua.