Ed Koch

Was standing on the corner outside The Tribeca Film Theatre. Waiting for Randy Jones from the Village People. Smoking everything like always. Former Ed Koch walks over. I ask for rolling papers. LOL......Want's to know what time some movie starts. I ask for a pic. Pic is taken. Security or something else gives me a security look. My GAYDAR if flying off the meter. Security or other? Just wondering.... Hey Ed Koch is the real one that cleaned up Times Square and New York City. He started it many years ago. He signed the papers. I just wonder why every other Mayor since Ed, takes the credit for cleaning up New York City. Ed Koch did it all. Ed Koch saw the future. Ed Koch. I remember the day he signed all the orders to kill the old Times Square. They had a clause in there on me. LOL. I don't know if I should be mad or glad..
Editors Note: Asking for rolling papers does not imply anything that could be illegal !
Photo By: James Edstrom