"Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson received an expensive birthday present on her 18th birthday, she gets to spend her huge $20 million fortune.The Hollywood star has been given complete reign over the money she has earned through appearing in all five of the hit "Harry Potter" films. Although Watson, who turned 18 on Monday, is in control of her millions for the first time, the star's money management skills are under intense scrutiny by a team of financial advisors, according to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.In a deal with England's royal bank Coutts, who also look after her co-star Daniel Radcliffe's fortune, the actress is required to make low-risk, high-interest investments and attend courses on how to be a responsible millionaire.The star, who is currently working on the franchise's latest outing "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," is paid $5 million for her role as the schoolgirl wizard.