JE Englebert At The Playboy Mansion

NYC club kingpin "JE" Englebert whose venues have included Quo nightclub, Myst nightclub, Retox rock bar, Prepost restaurant lounge and Suzie Wong Saki lounge had yet another chaotic Saturday night in the month of April as hundreds of patrons where held at the door and left standing around the sidewalk and street of West 28th Street and 10th Avenue as the New York City police dept gave orders to club management to hold the doors during the debut opening party of the new PRIME nightclub in West Chelsea, with the official Gen Art film festival after party and celebrity DJ Roctakon supplying the beats. Famous comedian Jeffrey Gurian was seen on hand telling jokes at "JE" Englebert's table and laughed the night away with JE's busty female friends. John “JE” Englebert a Staten Island native has been dubbed the “KING OF CLUBS” by the media and has revolutionized New York City nightlife. In the early 1990’s the former graffiti artist, turned nightclub promoter, turned nightclub owner started his career at the infamous Tunnel and Twilo nightclubs and learned from some of New York ’s best underground parties. Since then he has opened 6 of New York ’s hottest nightclubs. His latest project PRIME nightclub is designed by industry legend Steven Lewis. In addition to doing events in Miami and Los Angeles at the famed Playboy Mansion “JE” has become a favorite of clubbers and the press. For more information on “JE” Englebert please visit JENYC.