Award winning actor Robert DeNiro has been cleared of withholding information about his prostate cancer diagnosis from an insurance company.Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. accused the 64-year-old of intentionally withholding information about his diagnosis before they signed a contract to insure the production of his 2003 movie Hide and Seek.The company claimed he wrongfully checked off a box indicating he had "never been diagnosed with or treated for" various conditions, including a diseased prostate, when he filled out his medical certificate. Insurers paid out $1.8 million to cover the cost of production delays incurred when De Niro had to take time out for treatment. But De Niro maintained he underwent a biopsy three days before and received his diagnosis two days after he completed the insurance documentation. He was cleared of misleading insurers at a hearing yesterday. His attorney Robyn C. Crowther said in a statement: "This ruling vindicates what we’ve said all along - Mr. De Niro answered Fireman’s Fund’s questions truthfully and we are pleased that the Court has found that Fireman’s Fund can’t sue Mr. De Niro for getting cancer."