Pop singer Seal is launching a scathing attack on the media by accusing journalists of "ruining" his life.The singer branded a paparazzo "scum" after the snapper told the star he was a fan of his music.The star’s wife Heidi Klum remained silent and hid behind her husband while he berated the waiting media outside the Los Angeles’ Madeo Restaurant yesterday. In a video posted on website, Seal tells the photographer, "Why would I shake hands with scum? "What you do is ruin people’s lives. I don’t like what you do. You are scum."
Editors Note: Hey you thug. If we weren't writing about you and your wife and not taking your pictures, you would have no career. And by the way, you are one ugly mother !


Anonymous said…
Without the constant attention, all the so-called "stars" would just dry up and blow away. Maybe it's time to start ignoring them. Stop buying their cheesy CD's and stop watching their dreadful films. And stay away from the products that they hock like prostitutes.