Hollywood star and Tibet activist Richard Gere is slamming China for its recent bloody Himalayan protest, and is urging the world to boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics.The outspoken Pretty Woman star was horrified at the treatment of demonstrators protesting against Chinese rule in Tibet on Friday, where at least 10 people were reported to have been killed.Gere, chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet and a devout Buddhist, insists there "absolutely" should be a worldwide boycott of the sporting event in August to force China to allow the Himalayan region to decide its own future.The 58-year-old star has been barred from visiting China for his support of Tibet, and in 1993 spoke out about the plight of the Himalayan region at the Academy Awards.He says, "In this situation if the Chinese do not act in the proper way, change their ways, acknowledge what is going on, allow free access to communication, then I think that absolutely we have to boycott."It would be unconscionable if we continued as if things are hunky dory and everyone’s happy. It’s impossible."Tibetans have been much marginalized in recent years, much more than before.And that’s why you see this pressure cooker effect in Tibet where religion has essentially been outlawed, where pictures of the Dalai Lama, who is essentially their Jesus Christ, are not allowed."


Anonymous said…
Pray for the innocent Tibetans!