Hollywood star Patrick Swayze is undergoing an experimental treatment in a bid to try to beat pancreatic cancer, according to published reports.The actor, whose battle with the disease was revealed earlier this month, is trying out revolutionary new surgical tool the CyberKnife. According to National Enquirer - which broke news of Swayze’s cancer plight the CyberKnife delivers high doses of radiation to pinpoint precision, without damaging surrounding tissue.It’s hoped the treatment - taking place at Stanford University’s Cancer Center in California - will stop the cancer growing, or shrink the pancreas so it can be removed.


Anonymous said…
He should go to Loma Linda for non-invasive proton treatment. Cure rates are out of this world! Hope he calls 1-800- PROTONS for free literature.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, protons don't do well treating organs that move with respiration.