Gender bender Marilyn Manson is fighting to keep the details of his financial affairs private in his court battle with ex. band mate Stephen Bier. Bier is suing Manson whose real name is Brian Warner, for breach of contract. Bier is claiming the singer poured the group’s money into financing his drug habit, his wedding to burlesque model Dita Von Teese and decorating work at his Chatsworth, California home, among other expenditures. Manson then counter sued in December, accusing Bier of failing to properly carry out touring, recording and merchandising duties.The rocker’s lawyer is urging Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L.Stern to grant Manson an order that protects his financial records, meaning they’d be available for Bier’s camp only and banned from public exposure. Manson’s team insist the singer’s records need to be made confidential, because Bier’s allegations directly relate to Manson’s monetary value. However, Bier’s attorneys have hit back, insisting it’s ludicrous that a man who spends his life in the public eye and shamelessly courts publicity should demand such details be covered up. A hearing is scheduled for April 10th, where Bier’s people are expected to push forward with a petition to depose Manson.


Anonymous said…
that is fucking bullshit! deposing marilyn manson??? what the fuck would you call the band then? it wouldnt be a band then. That my friends is called jealousy!