Hollywood icon Julie Andrews was forced to sleep with a bolt on her bedroom door as a child because her stepfather tried to kiss her.The Sound Of Music star, 72, reveals in her forthcoming autobiography Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years how she hid from her stepfather, Ted Andrew, after he kissed her drunkenly in her bedroom in 1951.She writes, "Suddenly he said, ‘I really must teach you how to kiss properly’ and kissed me full on the lips. It was a deep, moist kiss, a very unpleasant experience. "Ten minutes later he came back in. I was burrowed beneath the covers, facing the wall. He leaned over me and tried to kiss me again. "I rolled nearer the wall and mumbled, ‘I’m really sleepy. Goodnight, now!’" The Oscar winner recalls another incident when Ted said he wanted to "cuddle" her.She said she felt "trapped and claustrophobic", adding: "Something about it didn’t feel right to me at all." Andrews adopted Canadian entertainer Ted’s surname after he married her mother Barbara.