Jamie Lynn Spears And Casey Aldridge

Britney Spears underage little sister is confirming she’s engaged to wed the father of her unborn baby and is doing it without even saying a word. Television star Jamie Lynn Spears wore a brown T-shirt proclaiming, `The Rumors Are True’ during a very public shopping trip in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Thursday. The 16 year old is said to have shown off her new engagement ring to friends earlier in the week after boyfriend Casey Aldridge proposed to her.The pregnant teen and a friend were spotted in Baton Rouge at a Babies `R’ Us store, where they spent almost two hours gathering gift items for the upcoming baby shower,according to reports. Shoppers who caught sight of the TV star claim it was clear Spears is expecting a son, because the items she was selecting were mostly blue which is the traditional color for baby boys.