Award winning actor Keanu Reeves lawyers are stepping up their bid to reach a settlement with the paparazzo who’s accusing the actor of knocking him down with his car. Paparazzi Alison Silva filed suit against Reeves at Los Angeles California Superior Court in November, claiming the Hollywood star pulled out of a parking space in his 1996 Porsche 911 and struck him as he was attempting to snap the actor.The alleged incident, which occurred in March of last year, allegedly resulted in Silva requiring on-the-scene medical treatment at the Rancho Palos Verdes, California, parking lot. As part of his case, Silva is seeking reparations for the property damage, loss of earnings, medical expenses, attorney fees and undisclosed damages.However, Reeves’ lawyer Jeffrey Redd appeared in court yesterday, requesting the negligence case be moved to mediation. Redd is hoping to formally move to strike the cameraman’s request for sizable punitive damages at a May 5th hearing.
Editors Note to lawyers: Please no more legal letters on Keanu Reeves. We are only reporting the story as nice as possible. We think Keanu is a great actor !


Anonymous said…
I've met Keanu, and while I'm sure he could have a mean side, I've also seen how aggressive the paps are out here in LA. When you run behind a moving car, you run the risk of being hit. That's the nature of this job, and one of the downfalls. If you cry about it and want to sue each time an actor isn't happy about you jumping in his face and brutally assaulting his privacy...then you're in the wrong business!