Bag Lady Diana Ross

Diana Ross was caught walking through the back alleys the other day in Beverly Hills, California. Apparently Diva Ross, had no concern for her appearance as she walked through the alley carrying a plastic bag with what looked like take out food. If I looked like that, I would walk the back alleys too. She was wearing an orange sweater, purple sweat pants and black ugly boots. She was also brandishing her trademark dark sunglasses. It is unknown if Ross has reverted to being a bag lady, but the back of her sweater sums it up with the slogan "capable of a great many things"!


Anonymous said…
It is so interesting that people love to find fault with the very people we would love to be around. Number one Diana Ross is a icon make no mistake about this. Number two she is a human being and no one is perfect meaning there are moments that she's just a woman and it does'nt matter at times how one looks because we all cannot be seen at our best all of the time and more than likely at 64 does'nt care to be. and last but not least who ever you are is totally unimportant to her because as you well no after all is said and done she is still the one and only DIVA DIANA ROSS and you are who?????.