Worldwide Buzz Foto Agency owners Brad Elterman and Henry Flores speak on the new proposed Britney Spears law in Los Angeles.
Britney Spears

We all read in the press about how certain celebrities are not amused with the tactics of some paparazzi. Now the City of Los Angeles is trying to get a law passed that will place a 20 yard bubble around celebrities when they are out in public. In our opinion the, the law will not work and can not be enforced. What will happen when you have a "real" news story and you have media outlets like the Los Angeles Times, NY Daily News or CNN needing to get access to the celebrity for a quote or photo of the day. Celebrities are treated like royalty and there will be days when it can get uncomfortable for them. They all knew upfront that is was part of the business. Remember the line in Godfather # 2 where Hyman Roth spits out to Michael that “this is the business we have chosen”. Well this is the business that they have chosen and in our opinion they are delighted to use the media when they are breaking into the industry, but once they have made it, they want to be able to have the privilege now to be able to turn it off at their command. The media is not a faucet. In our opinion things have gotten out of control due to the sheer numbers of paparazzi out there today. In our opinion, some have also gone way overboard. We at Buzz Foto like our photos to reflect "Life Imitating Art" and that cannot be achieved in the middle of a dog pack of paparazzi. In our opinion there needs to be a code of ethics in our industry. Scenes of paparazzi following Britney Spears going to a rest room in a gas station border on harassment. Reports of one paparazzo beating up another for a photograph is horrifying. In our opinion proposed Britney Law will never fly, but the City Of Los Angeles should be concerned that California laws are not being broken. That should include that the paparazzi are here working legally in the USA, they have a valid California drivers license, auto insurance and that there is no visual trespass.
Editors Note: Brad Elterman and Henry Flores own world wide photo agency Buzz Foto. Their photos grace the covers of magazines and newspapers across the world. They are highly respected by the celebrities they photograph. To them, taking photos is a art form. This fact has already been proven with famed photographer Ron Galella's pictures of Jackie Kennedy hanging in The Museum Of Modern Art. We here at Times Square Gossip believe it is time to get rid of these animal paparazzi packs stalking the stars. We at Times Square Gossip give you all the gossip and photos, all taken with love and class !