Antik Lounge

Tired with the typical New York scene? The city’s trendsetters have now found a new intimate hideaway at Antik. Located on Bowery in the former Marquee Lounge and M and R Bar, Antik has been going through some major renovations. The semi-private lounge embodies the service and charm of a 1920’s speakeasy with the hip, edgy crowd of the new millennium. Antik offers exclusive patrons bottle service or a selection of classic New York cocktails served directly to the table so patrons can avoid the chaos of going to the bar. Owners Larry Kramer and Craig Koenig personally select the hottest DJs to play the latest lounge grooves. Antik has truly succeeded in offering their patrons discretion, quality and an intimate setting rarely found in New York.
356 Bowery
New York, NY 10012


Anonymous said…
Went to a PRIVATE PARTY here tonight and my girl and I were having nothing but pure fun, but when she pulled my shirt up 1 or 2 times, some mamsy-pamsy claiming to be the owner scrambled over and reprimanded us like a conservative old grandma. When we quit that and engaged in some totally faux, FUN lap dancing - with ALL OUR CLOTHES ON, he skipped back over in a tizzy and got hysterical again. From there, he proceeded to fire up a cigarette along with the cancer sticks of his various eurotrash cronies which ran everyone out of the place. Later we met the DJ outside who mentioned how he noticed we were having a blast all night and enjoyed our dancing. In spite of that, we would never, EVER set foot in this place again, which had the atmosphere of a conservative church social. F-Minus!