Sexy Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens has settled a breach of contract lawsuit filed against her by her former lawyer. The High School Musical star, 18, was sued last month by ex-attorney Brian Schall, who claimed Hudgens owed him over $150,000 in back commissions after he helped her become a huge star and helped her make over $5 million from her songwriting and recording career. But Hudgens countered that Schall’s work was "below professional standard", and claimed that, as she only 16 at the time of signing the contract with him, she was too young for it to hold legal weight. She alleged the deal broke California’s Family Code law because she was under 18 when she signed it. The claim Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tricia Ann Bigelow threw out in last December. However, following a court hearing on today, the two parties have come to an agreement over the issue, although the details of which have yet to be disclosed, according to E! News.