Hollywood star Jodie Foster is forbidding her young son from pursuing a career in Tinseltown, because she is convinced he just wants to see his face on Television. The award winning star began her career in a commercial as the Coppertone Girl at the age of three, but has decided to turn down her son Charles’ request to help him break into show business. She says, "The older one asks me at times if he can appear in a film or on television. I warn him that I’m not going to find him work. He can do theatre after school, if he wants. "Obviously, he’s completely uninterested in theatre. What he wants is to appear on TV. I don’t believe that he really wants to be an actor." The 45-year-old and her partner of 14 years, film producer Cydney Bernard, are raising sons Charles and Kit.


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The Central Intelligence Organization of Zimbabwe has been reporting that Hugo Chavez has a very strange fixation on Jodie Foster as well as Hilary and Haylie Duff.