Hollywood star Natalie Portman has been named The Best Dressed Lady of 2007.The 'Closer' star topped the list compiled by InStyle magazine of the world's most stylish women, beating off stiff competition from Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller. InStyle's Katrina Szish said: "Natalie Portman is one of those celebrities who has natural beauty, but she also knows what looks good on her."Drew Barrymore was placed second, while her 'Charlie's Angels' co-star Cameron Diaz came third.Penelope Cruz came fourth and pregnant Jennifer Lopez was given fifth place for the stylish way she has dressed her ever-expanding baby pump.Szish said: "We expect Jennifer Lopez to be larger than life, to be more glam than anyone else, to be the ultimate diva on the red carpet."'Devil Wears Prada' star Anne Hathaway was so shocked to learn she had made the list, she thought there must have been a mistake.Anne - who came sixth - said: "I think they should have a recount but thank you InStyle. That's really lovely!"InStyle's Best Dressed Ladies of 2007: 1. Natalie Portman 2. Drew Barrymore 3. Cameron Diaz 4. Penelope Cruz 5. Jennifer Lopez 6. Anne Hathaway 7. Cate Blanchett 8. Sienna Miller 9. Dame Helen Mirren 10. Former Tommy Hilfiger model Joy Bryant


Anonymous said…
This waif look has gone on long enough! What happened to the beautiful women who had charm, wit, sexuality (without whoring it)... the ones who were brown eyed, brunette, nicely shaped? Hollywood has tossed us all these blonde/blue-eyed skinny twigs who have no sexiness in their moves, their lives.

Someone once said, "Stupid is as stupid does."