Naomi Campbell has failed to prevent an ex-employee from using her violent past against her in court.The British supermodel has been told by a judge her past behaviour is "relevant" to a lawsuit brought by former maid Gaby Gibson, who claims Campbell beat her when she couldn't find a pair of Stella McCartney jeans. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman said: "Those alleged acts might be relevant to the issues of intent and the need for future deterrence." Naomi insisted any mention of her past behaviour would be "scandalous and prejudicial" and would bias a jury, but Judge Stallman disagreed. Gibson filed her lawsuit just days before Naomi was sentenced to five days of community service earlier this year for throwing a phone at another former employee, Ana Scolavino.Gibson, a Romanian immigrant, worked for Naomi from November 2005 until January 2006 and claims the 37-year-old beauty is a "violent super-bigot". Gibson alleges when she could not find a pair of Naomi's favourite jeans she screamed, "I've had it with you, you f***ing b***h", before kicking or punching her in the back of the head.She claims Naomi then hit her repeatedly while screaming "discriminatory comments".The model denied the claims and was never charged criminally. Naomi's lawyer has declined to comment.