Singer Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani covered up for her concert in Malaysia the other day to appease Muslim critics.The 'Sweet Escape' singer, who performed in front of 7,000 fans in Kuala Lumpur, chose to don a series of different flesh-covering outfits.Gwen took to the stage in a short-sleeved shirt and black-and-white striped hot-pants over a black leotard, with black gloves right up to the elbows.She changed into equally modest outfits for each song as she ran through hits such as 'Rich Girl', 'Wind it Up' and 'Hollaback Girl'.Her new dress code fell in line with government rules, which stipulate female artists must be covered from their shoulders to their knees.Gwen's cover-up came after the National Union of Malaysian Muslim students complained her usual racy stage outfits clashed with traditional Islamic values.The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party also accused her of promoting promiscuity and corrupting the nation's youth.Government rules also forbid female performers from jumping, shouting, or throwing objects out into the audience, and Gwen admitted she was forced to make "a major sacrifice".She said: "I've been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I'm facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me. I'm not a bad girl."