Halle Berry last week on the 'Walk Of Fame'

Halle Berry is to shave her hair off.The Oscar-winning actress has to lose her locks for new movie 'Nappy Ever After' and admits she is "scared to death" about the prospect of being bald. She said: "In the course of the story something bad happens to my character's hair and she shaves it all off. I'm scared to death but that's what I must do. Though I suppose going bald could be a little exciting too. So we'll probably film the process from beginning to end."Britney Spears recently shocked the showbiz world by shaving off all her hair off during a visit to a Los Angeles hair salon. She has since been seen wearing a number of different wigs in the wake of her drastic decision. Halle isn't the first actress to shear her locks for her art. Natalie Portman shaved off her hair for her role in 'V For Vendetta', while Demi Moore sported a cropped style for 1997 action film 'G.I Jane'.