Kurt Russell in scene from "GRINDHOUSE'

Kurt Russell's first kiss left him scarred when the object of his affection knifed him. The 'Grindhouse' star, who is married to Goldie Hawn believed he was about to have his first kiss when a girl seductively beckoned him, but instead she freaked him out by slashing him across the chest with a knife hidden in her hair. Kurt told Men's Journal magazine: "I was in third grade, and I noticed this really hot chick hanging out under the bridge with her friend. She was probably 13, and there was this vibe about her. She says, 'Hey,come here.' I think I'm going to get my first kiss. She lifts my shirt, then all of a sudden reaches into her bee hive, pulls out a pen knife, and drags it about six inches across my stomach. It starts to bleed, and they haul ass. I was, like, 'What?' "The 56-year-old is currently starring in 'Grindhouse' , the much hyped double-feature directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. But after the film which is over three hours long only took $11.6million at the box office in its opening weekend, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is considering re-releasing both films - 'Death Proof' and 'PlanetTerror' - separately. He told the New York Post newspaper: "I don't think people understood what we were doing."The audience didn't get the idea that it is two movies for the price of one. I don't understand the math, but I want to accommodate the audience."People are put off by the length."


Anonymous said…
Kurt and Goldie have been very happily UNMARRIED for over 20 years:-) Whatever works for them though.
James Edstrom said…
A record for Hollywood !