The ABC hit show 'Greys Anatomy'

‘Greys Anatomy’ fans have been talking for weeks about the rumored 2-hour “special” episode of the show, which is set to air some time in May. Word is, this episode will be the jumping-off point for the potential spin-off series which will feature current ‘Grey’s’ supporting character, Addison Montgomery. The plot of this “very special” episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been very hush-hush… until now. got the goods on the episode and reported them in detail at their site. If you’re not interested in reading any ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoilers, read no further. According to, Addison will travel to Santa Monica, CA to get some advice from her old med-school pals, Naomi (Merrin Dungey) and Jackson (Taye Diggs). She thinks Naomi and Jackson have the perfect life – happily married with a teenaged daughter and a successful health cooperative. As it turns out, things are just as unraveled there as they are at Seattle Grace. She also meets some of the other staff at the health cooperative, including a “self-doubting therapist,” a male gynecologist who doesn’t know much about women and a widowed alternative-medicine doctor. After weighing what she’d be leaving behind and the life she could have at the Oceanside Wellness Group, Addison decides to leave Seattle Grace and thus begins the spin-off (if it goes to series which is probably will because let’s face it, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is one of ABC’s cash cows so chances are, the network is going to try to breed this baby and see if they can double their weekly ratings with the spin-off). Also set to star in the spin-off is ‘Veronica Mars’ star, Chris Lowell, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly and Paul Adelstein.