Meg Ryan with daughter Daisy

Meg Ryan was destined to adopt her daughter.The 45-year-old actress - who adopted a two-year-old girl, Daisy, from China last January - believes it was fate that brought the two together. She said in an interview with Redbook magazine: "I am convinced, completely and utterly convinced, that there was nothing random about the adoption. She is the daughter I should have."I never felt like I was on a rescue mission or anything like that. I just really wanted a baby. I was on a mission to connect with somebody, and Daisy and I got to meet each other in this way at this time. We are so compatible."Meg originally named her daughter Charlotte, but insists she had to change it because the moniker just didn't suit her. She explained: "I thought she was Charlotte, and she's just not."She's a Daisy. She's got the most open, beautiful, honest face you'll ever see."Meg also has a teenage son, Jack Henry, from her marriage to actor Dennis Quaid.