What happened to Forgive and Forget Don Imus ?

Times Square Gossip has just learned that MSNBC has decided to pull the plug on The Don Imus show, because of remarks he made about the Rutgers womans basketball team. According to sources, this was the perfect excuse for parent company NBC and GE to drop the show which is very expensive to the network that has been cutting everything from staff at MSNBC to toilet paper for it's New Jersey studios. Said one source, " This has nothing to do with advertisers. They make money off Imus, but they figure they can replace programing with cheaper, taped shows with the hopes that advertisers will stay with them." Just one look at the MSNBC studios a while back when I was there as a guest, showed how hard parent company NBC (GE) is cutting back. A once full newsroom was almost empty with very few people working. Said once insider," This place is like a morgue ! ". The only talent left is Joe Scarbough ( A real talent ) and it's very hard to believe they just gave Keith Olbermann another contract. Keith Olbermann ! The worst newsman in history. The sleaze of the sleaze...Very sad day for the news considering how many African American children Don Imus helps with his camp program for kids! On a personal note,which this whole story is anyway, I don't know what the hell Keith Olbermann has on the bigwigs at NBC (GE). He should not be on the air ! Don Imus said he was sorry. He made a mistake. We all say things on the air that we wish we didn't.I went on Sirius radio (upper left) on the Derek and Romaine Show Tuesday night and called the host a "Jigaboo and Wannabee". Why am I not being called to apoligize on Al Sharptons radio show? I want too ! I want to make amends.I also called her a Lesbian F**k.I want to be made humble. Where's the Gay and Lesbian ARMY.I want to answer to Al Sharpton, who I like. I've had lunch with the guy many years ago....He called me a paparazzi... A insult to all real photographers white or black. I should have demanded he resign. I called Romaine Patterson on Sirius a Jigaboo Ho Ho Ho Ho. It's radio, It's TV. We make mistakes. Don't tell me we are in power in the media and we should know better. We are human. Things slip, not meaning we are anti black, anti gay or anti anything. I walk through Times Square and hear African Americans call each other N*****S and Yo N****R...If I ever said that, that would be it.There is racism because white and black won't let it all go. Al Sharpton and Tawanna Brawley. Al I like you, but you ruined those guys lives forever. The courts said you did. Jessie Jackson you know what you did as everyone else.
Let it go. Racism will not die unless you let it. My African American friends (I scared to say black, or else ! ) have no idea why everyone is upset. Don Imus is a radio show. I've been called a Fag, a Paparazzi, a sleezebag Ho and I could give a damm. You know who you are.My mother loves Don Imus.I don't know why as I don't listen anyway.But my mother says he has a good heart. My mother tells me that over 50 % of the kids at his camp are African American and he is so proud of each and every one of them. We are all racist in one way or another. Me I'll tell you. I can't stand the fu****g tourists anymore in Times Square. White, Black, Yellow, I can't stand them anymore. Don't matter. I hate them all. The media should be ashamed to give such attention to this story. We all work hard. When people call me a fag, do I demand they go on gay.com to say sorry? When people call me a paparazzi do I demand they say sorry and make them go on Access Hollywood to say I'm a Celebrity Photographer and they are sorry. BEG FORGIVENESS ! Racism is alive only because people keep it alive. I don't, you do.You are all wrong. You have the Black Entertainment network. If I started the White Entertainment network, I would be hung. I made this point to a Black Court TV's Parco PI Investigator in the Hamptons last summer. She said; You got all the networks, let us have one ! I guess she was right. Point being, forget black and white and racism and we will be all ok. Stop reminding us all. Stop ! As for MSNBC.....Dan Abrams, you know why you fired Don Imus. Not because what he said, but because you are following orders from G.E. You have sold out and I may have been a regular guest on your shows as with every other network, but once they got rid of Rick Kaplan (Rick call me, I guess I'm now available), your network has fallen to a new low ! You are the sucker and the fall guy for MSNBC. To think you renewed a contract with a loser like Keith Obermann is beyond me. His ratings are down like almost 29 %. What does he have on you or MSNBC. He sucks. Worse that that. We should stand outside his apartment by Carnegie Hall and see the sleazy newsman be like he is which is SLEAZY ! MSNBC lost their best talent ever in Rita Cosby. The woman got every story and every interview. While Rita was on the streets getting the story, Keith Olbermann was in the makeup room making himself look as pretty as anyone so ugly could. Rita Cosby made MSNBC shine ! Now you lost the most talented newswoman in the business. (Sorry Greta-dinner 9pm ?) GE and NBC wake UP ! You renew contracts with losers like Keith Olbermann and you wonder why you are last and the loser ! Anyway, I already did one retraction today and only because I thought I was wrong. And I am sometimes. As is Imus and everyone !
Un-talented Keith Olbermann