Former "Cheers" star Woody Harrelson was involved in a brawl at a Los Angeles bar on Friday night after he accidentally cut his hand. The 45-year-old was at The Other Room in Venice, Calif., and was unknowingly drinking from a broken glass. Harrelson accidentally cut his hand and became furious with bar staff who served him the beer in the broken glass. According to TMZ.com , the actor began arguing with the staff and the police were called. A Los Angeles Police Department watch commander says, "It was not a major blowout. We arrived on the scene and just took an injury report." According to the police report no one was arrested and no one pressed charges.
I really hate this guy. He's such a dirt bag !


Anonymous said…
looks like a creep.
Anonymous said…
she been quiet lately. guess britney is taking headlines.
Anonymous said…
He looks like a mean guy.