Tori Spelling and mom friends again

Tori Spelling's mother Candy (right) has spent thousands of dollars on gifts for her new grandson. Candy, who recently made peace with her daughter, visited exclusive Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor on Wednesday, the day after grandson Liam was born, and bought an array of lavish presents. A source said: "Candy spent over $1,700 in the store. She bought a $1,250 Mia Bossi leather diaper bag, half-a-dozen romper suits and gowns, airplane booties and a babybot mobile."Candy and Tori stopped speaking after Aaron Spelling, Candy's husband and Tori's father, died and left Tori a derisory sum in his will. After Liam was born, Candy said: "Words can't describe the joy and elation I feel at this truly happy event."I am looking forward to doting on my new little grandson and all the memorable fun that comes with it."


Anonymous said…
Good for Candy.