Tori Spelling has opened her bed and breakfast.The actress and her husband Dean McDermott finished the renovations to Chateau La Rue - named after Tori's pug dog Mimi La Rue - just hours before the grand opening. Tori revealed: "Dean was painting doors until 2pm. Only hours before the gala, all the furniture was gathered in the middle of the rooms and not set out. It was sheer madness. It came down to the wire but we pulled it off."The California guesthouse is the focus of Tori and Dean's new reality show 'Tori and Dean: Inn Love'. Tori, who is due to give birth this month, feels "exhausted" but is looking forward to receiving her first guests. She said: "We don't like traditional bed and breakfasts because they are cluttered with people's old collectibles. We wanted a modern, chic place. We can't wait to entertain our guests with fun theme nights and movie nights on the lawn."Since I'm in my ninth month of pregnancy, I'm exhausted and it's hard for me to get around. But I love to cook so I'll be preparing a lot of the food and conceptualising the theme nights."Tori, who is expecting a boy, can't wait to welcome her son into the world. She said: "I'm so excited to meet my little man so soon. I'm over the moon with anticipation of his arrival. I'm counting down the days!"The first guests will arrive at the nine-acre estate in Fallbrook later this week.


Anonymous said…
They don't even own the place! According to an article published in the Fallbrook Village Newspaper and backed up by the Tax Assessor's office, this property has not transferred hands in three years. And it's selling price is 2'6 million, not the 800K inheritance Tori received. Reality..I think not!