Thora Birch has father watching sex scenes !

Thora Birch's father coached her during the sex scenes of her latest movie.The crew of 'The Winter of Frozen Dreams' were horrified when the 25-year-old 'American Beauty' star's father and manager - who is a former porn star - insisted on watching Thora's explicit scenes with 52-year-old Dean Winters (left). A source told the New York Post newspaper: "It was so wrong. The director is saying, 'Harder! Faster!' and the father is giving Winters the thumbs up."The insider described Jack Birch - who met Thora's mother, Carol Connors, when they co-starred in infamous hardcore porn movie 'Deep Throat' - as looking like "Charles Manson" in a "full-length leather coat and wrap around sunglasses, even at night."Jack was reportedly on the set every day giving orders and telling director Eric Mandelbaum how to angle the cameras so that Thora would look her best. He said: "The director was about to shoot the first sex scene last Monday when, all of a sudden, the front door is being kicked in. Her father was threatening to kill the assistant directors. Then he threatens to pull her from the movie with three days of shooting left."Thora stars as Barbara Hoffman who worked at a Michigan massage parlour run by a character played by Winters.The source said: "He's her pimp. She'd get these men to fall in love with her, take out big life insurance policies on them, and then poison them with cyanide. She killed two guys and is serving life in prison."Due to problems with filming the sex scene took 14 takes.The source said: "It was the most bizarre, perverse scene. One girl on the crew broke down crying."Millie Milka, of Em and Me Productions said: "Thora Birch is a very talented young actress."When asked if Jack had demanded to be present during the sex scenes, Milka replied: "We have no comment on that. We just want to focus on the movie."