Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen could be pregnant with boyfriend Tom Brady's baby.The Brazilian supermodel might be over two months pregnant, according to reports.Gisele's representative is yet to comment.The catwalk beauty has been dating American football star Tom Brady since before Christmas. The pair made their first public appearance in New York in January and were seen enjoying a trip to Paris last month.Tom's actress ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan recently revealed she is pregnant with his baby.The 'Six Degrees' star dated Tom for three years before they split in December.Gisele recently admitted starting a family was definitely on the cards - but she was in no hurry. She said: "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a family. My parents have been married for 35 years and have six children. The thing is, I'm just 26-years-old, so I have plenty of time."Gisele previously dated Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and professional surfer Kelly Slater.


Anonymous said…
she is hot..thanks
Anonymous said…
People have been bashing Bridget over the net as to how she trapped TB. So why not GB Ok so she went out with a guy for over three years no pregnancy breaks-up, hooks up with TB (probably knowing he has a baby on the way) Then she is now expecting and annoucing to her friends??? Trap!! written all over it. Oh! I wonder what friends of Brady will comment about this situation

" she announced it to her friends/brazilian tabloid, to make him look like a jerk, he was wanting to cool things off due to baby drama going on and was willing to wait until baby was born but she could not take NO for an answer"

Oh Please!! What morals do these people have? I bet his catholic family are avoiding Mass altogether!
Anonymous said…
If she is this will be the right time to start having kids. I read that she wanted a few kids! Her role models are her parents married over 35 years with six kids. All she has to do now is get married.
Anonymous said…
OK, so now we found out the Gisele is not pregnant after all, contrary to what her selected friends claimed.

But here comes the catch, another rumour Ooops!!!

Yep! they are now looking at buying a house together and decorating or adding a nursery for the baby(Bridget's). They are very happy!! they claim she told friends. Enough already!!!!

They move pretty fast or her and her "so called friends" have future plans Tom Brady is not aware of. Or does this guy let his ladies do all the talking!

I certainly hope Gisele has nothing to do with rumours. It wouldn't be very classy of her.

This lady is young and beautiful. I think she needs to move on... Tom Brady is not giving her a good rep or vice versa. Too much drama!!

May I suggest Wentworth Miller(Gisele)

Tom Brady.... Oh just get ready to be baby's daddy. A lot of learning required.